Twelve designers from the graduate program at Pratt Institute will be traveling to Malinalco, a town nestled in the mountains in Central Mexico, southwest of Mexico City. Malinalco has a rich Aztec history as well as a tradition of woodcarving.  We will stay in a hotel near the offices of a not for profit organization called the Corner Project of Malinalco (Projecto El Rincón de Malinalco) which is our host organization. The Corner Project works to keep vitality in an area that loses a lot of its workers to the US as migrants, who pick our crops, by aiding families of migrant workers.  We will be working with local woodcarvers, carpenters, and weavers to make a product line, with support and organizational help from The Corner Project to create a body of work that represents both the local traditions and skills and combines the design expertise of the designers from New York. The project, organized by Pratt professor Rebecca Welz and Ellen Calmus of The Corner Project, would aim to contribute to the vitality of the area by creating revenue through our products.


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