Carolina Pabon-Escobar

Carolina Pabon-Escobar

Carolina Pabon-Escobar |

Carolina Pabon-Escobar grew up in Colombia where is common for people to fix or adapt the things they own to prolong their useful lives.  Used to seeing this at home, she starts having an interest in making things which then led her to look into the field of Industrial Design.  After earning her bachelors degree in ID from the Javeriana University in 2004, she went on to work as an intern at Inducartón Ltda. a packaging company and later on as lead designer and production manager at Diez Diseño a custom made furniture studio.  In 2006 she moved to the US where she delved into the world of marketing, social media and online retail, getting a closer look at another end of a product’s lifecycle.  Carolina is now finishing her masters degree at Pratt Institute where she’s been exploring ways of increasing the longevity of products through the formation of emotional connections with their users.


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